What is

It’s a password verification plugin for Joomla that makes use of Zencart classes and functions. Use this plugin if you have imported users from a previous zencart installation and would like to let users login with imported encrypted password (for example, if you are migrating from zencart to Virtuemart). This plugin does NOT encrypt new user password.

The plugin matches provided password with the one in the DB using the zencart functions, if the joomla standard method fails. If the user changes its password, this will be encrypted with joomla standard functions. This plugin is non-destructive, and can be activated together with the standard joomla authentication plugin.

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Zencart has changed its password encrypt method during the last years, creating many different functions and using them together into its installation. This plugin considers this, and makes use of the same functions and classes.

This plugin has been developed on a Zencart 1.5.4 official release, and is intended  for Joomla version 2.5 and 3.